How many times can I reuse a pair of lashes?

Our lashes are reusable up to 25+ times. To get the best use out of these lashes, never soak them in water. Getting the lashes wet will damage the shapes and curls of your lashes. You can use a q-tip with a bit of warm-water and gently roll it over your lashes. Please make sure to gently remove the lash glue from the band after each use with tweezers. Store the lashes back into our packaging to ensure they can remain in their shape & style. 

Is Dusky Babe Cruelty-Free?

yes, we source only Cruelty-Free mink lashes. Our mink lashes are carefully acquired by gently brushing live minks that naturally shed fur twice a year. No minks are ever harmed in this process. 

Will wearing false lashes harm my natural eyelashes? 

There should be no damage to the natural eyelashes if the false lashes are applied and removed correctly.

How do I remove my lashes?

Gently rub both ends of the lashes with a q-tip and a water-based eye makeup remover, then lightly pull to remove the false lashes. This process should be done gently and not feel difficult or painful. We advise storing your lashes back into our packaging to retain shape & style! 

How long does it take to process my order?

Upon receiving your order confirmation, we process and ship your orders within 24 hours. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

USA: 1-8 Business Days (Standard) 1-3 Business Days (Express)

If you have additional questions, please email us here: contact@duskybabe.com