About Us

Our founder, Suma Akther, is an aspiring makeup artist who adores the creative aspects of makeup-namely lashes-and recognizes its ability to empower one to express and feel their best. It is with this realization that she noticed the importance of having access to affordable luxury lashes that makes you feel your most comfortable and authentic self. With that at heart, she chose to source the most weightless, stylish lashes that do not compromise quality and affordability. No more looking for the perfect lashes, Dusky Babe has it all!


 Each lash style is carefully selected for comfort and to enhance any look. Our falsies are picked for everyday wear to a night out in town. Our drive is to empower our customer's confidence by magnetizing their natural beauty.


Our customer's comfort goes hand in hand with looking and feeling their best and that is exactly what our lashes achieve. We provide the most stylish lashes using seamless thin cotton bands, so our customers go throughout their day with the utmost comfort and security.


Made from pure fur, our mink eyelashes look natural and feel fantastic. Our lashes outperforms durability and wear so our customers can be confident in their purchases in getting the value and quality they deserve!